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Here comes the flood

It's great to see a comm like this; you'd think a work as epic and influential as Akira would have at least double the fanbase of something like Twilight, but it seems there's no accounting for taste.


Favorite Akira character?:
Chiyoko (part of the reason why IV is my favorite volume so far is because half of it is just her kicking all sorts of ass), Col. Shoutyshima (Shikishima/Chiyoko is my official Akira ship, no joke), Tetsuo, Kei, Miyako, Kaori, and Keisuke, in no particular order.
Favorite wrinkly kid?: Masaru, as far as design goes.
Dub or sub?: My only experience with the movie is the Bad Dub, but I'd like to see the sub sometime.
Have you read the Manga, seen the movie, or both?: I have the first five volumes so far and am currently rereading them for the third time (I can't find VI in my area, unfortunately). I only saw the movie once a while back, and can really only remember bits of it. I think my experience with the original VHS box art deserves a mention as I was 10 when I saw it and it gave me nightmares for weeks.
Like any other Anime/Manga?: Cowboy Bebop, Eureka seveN, Evangelion, and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann to name a few.

BTW, I made you all a little present:

Tokyo Storm Warning: An Akira Fan Soundtrack
Feat. Mogwai, Peter Gabriel, Los Brujos, and more!

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