patsy stone (theacidqueen) wrote in theharukiya,
patsy stone


so i just watched the movie last night. first, i'll say that the animation is beautiful. i wish more movies looked like this one. BUT! i am pretty shocked at just how insanely different the movie is from the manga. actually it made me laugh pretty hard, because even though i knew what was supposed to be happening i kept throwing my arms into the air yelling what the fuck! it's like someone got drunk, speed-read akira, then wrote a screenplay based on what they thought they remembered. of course i didn't expect the movie to follow the whole story (because the story is GIGANTIC), but i was very very surprised at the extent of the differences. but like i said, the animation was amazing, and i enjoyed the movie for making me crack up.

haha also ps: anyone else heard this song, "tetsuo" by dealership?
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