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Hey guys! So I haven't been on LJ for years, but I've come back in desperation to see if i can pick up any ol' roleplay partner of the old classic! I play Kaneda, and I'm mostly looking for a Tetsuo, but I'm absolutely not picky and would like to have a bash with the other characters.

There are only such a few places these days that shows their dedication to AKIRA, and it seems this community has been struggling to keep active too, so I'd like to give it a little boost. If you're an AKIRA fan in general, I'd love to talk! I'm open for friends, especially with those who are familiar with this epic.

Just so this post isn't about me frantically scrabbling around for rps, I'd like to share some of my art too.

Promo pics for my doujinshi REQUIEM.


Little snippet of the intro of Requiem, and also a continuation of this picture by Otomo. But the main storyline will focus on Kaneda’s life 8 years after the end of the AKIRA manga.

The Rebuild Project of Neo Tokyo is in progress, with many parts of the city restored and civilization returning to its former glory. Kaneda has started a family with Kei, who are both raising a daughter he calls ‘Tetsu-chan’. Kaneda, being born out of the hard orphan life, is struggling with his incompetence as a father with fear of young Tetsu-chan starting school. Moving into a new neighborhood and passing the local playground, he’s reminded of his first meeting with Tetsuo, and that the anniversary of his friend’s death is soon approaching.

Over the years working in the Rebuild Project, he has recovered pieces of Tetsuo’s belongings, including the toy robot and his biker goggles, assembling a small monument for him around the ruins of the throne. However, he soon finds that the monument site is being threatened by both the Project, as the company intends to demolish the area for a shopping district, and the danger from the nearby remnants of nuclear weapons left from the war, leaving Kaneda no choice but to dread his last farewell to his friend.

Wanting to move on from his past faults, yet still carrying the weight of loss and failure, he soon runs into difficulty in facing the harsh reality of pressing matters and adjusting to a new life.
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