Oh Jesus Christ! As Tetsuo would put it. You all ready for a big post? Good. But I have to warn you, before you read on, I have a mouth like a sailor and a Capsule mated, so watch out.

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OT3, Kon, Tim

Hey there~

Hi, new to this community here. Not sure if anyone still goes on here but... wanted to just introduce myself anyway. I just recentely got back into the obsession of Akira, which I first saw when I was eight. It completely changed my life (no joke) and inspired me to become an animator/graphic novelist. Which is my current goal, and what I am majoring in college. I got back into it because in my english class, which is Sci-Fi (i know, awesome right? :D), my awesome really crazy teacher is having us watch Akira and discuss it. I think it is the greatest thing I've ever done in school... ever... I love my teacher and his crazy antics and japanese-obsession.

Favorite Akira character?: Kaneda Kaneda Kanedaaa, love the guy. Also love Kai tho.
Favorite wrinkly kid?: Er, I guess I'd pick Takashi, but I don't really care about them.
Dub or sub?: Well, I group up with the dub, but I love the sub. Can't choose. ><
Have you read the Manga, seen the movie, or both?: Both, just read the manga this weekend. It blew my mind how incredible different they are.
Like any other Anime/Manga?: Oh god too many to list. But to name a few I'd say Kuroshitsuji, Code Geass, Reborn!, D.gray-man, Durarara!!, Hetalia, FMA, .hack//SIGN, Shaman King, Tsubasa, Gintama, Gundam Wing, and many, many more.
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High School Musical is Not........

Going to come along and violate my anime in the ass. No.

Zac Efron has been offered the lead in the film. However, it is currently uncertain whether he will be playing Kaneda, whose full name will be Kaneda Shim in the film, or Tetsuo.[26] Morgan Freeman has been offered the role of Colonel Shikishima, also known simply as The Colonel.[27]


Please, just leave it alone. :' [

Why America? Would Otomo really sell the rights for this crap?
APH : Latvia

Sales and Illustrations

Okay, the reason for this post is twofold.

First, I'm selling a few things on my journal including a Kaneda PVC statue, The AKIRA club illustration book and two of the Epic publications release of the manga. For any of you interested the post is over here.

Second, Although I haven't drawn much for AKIRA as of late, I figure I might as well share something old and something I drew recently.

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Kaori fanart <3

I made her in Photoshop. :] Don't be shy--post some of your own Akira lovin'. (whispers: "Slash...please.")
I loved the reddish-brown she has in the anime, it's not meant to be blonde,I was playing with color. Yeah..feels unfinished, I think it's missing some Tetsuo-mutated-foreplay. ;)
Oh, Akira ladies = <3