£enore (___f8) wrote in theharukiya,


I have a Japanese friend who is a manga buff, yet he has never heard of Akira >________>
He refuses to read any translated versions because he wants the "full, pure" effect.
I've searched far and wide, w/out any results; anyone want to post links to the full raw version of the manga?

Thanks, and here's an introductory survey for my first time posting:

Favorite Akira character?: chiyoko, kei, kai, akira, kaori
Favorite wrinkly kid?: takashi
Dub or sub?: sub, please, thanks; U.S. voice actors + japanese names = fail.
Have you read the Manga, seen the movie, or both?: both, and I gotta say, manga >>>> movie
Like any other Anime/Manga?: detroit metal city, gyagu manga biyori (you guys need to try these; they're funny as HELL)
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