herrdeath (herrdeath) wrote in theharukiya,

An update....<3

I can't watch is community die. :( And while I can't promise this is any good, or slash-related, I do bare some gifts.  *3*  I think Akira has so much substance as a story, as a work of art. I felt the whole style and environment gave off a feel that I've felt rarely with other anime. So, please lavish in some Akira-related fanart. <3

Part of me can't be happier that they ceased production of a white-washed Akira live-action, soul-sucking, Hollywood crap-fest, but then, I think, hell, at least it could spark some renewed interest, be it the 12 year old Twilight-esque type of thing. (perhaps?) Oh, and then there's the artist side of me that would want to make my own fucked-up version of a movie, you know, with Asians. <3 But, it'd probably boil down to a horribly-acted, horribly-written smutty slash cluster. Of cosmic-baby proportions.Bad.

It was just wrong for the last post to be at Christmas time. :[  Damn it, grow some freaking fans.

Okay. Art.

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