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Oh Jesus Christ! As Tetsuo would put it. You all ready for a big post? Good. But I have to warn you, before you read on, I have a mouth like a sailor and a Capsule mated, so watch out.

I've been admiring this community for a while and finally got the guts (yeah they kinda spilled out and I gave them over) to join and post... but wouldn't this make any Capsule just cry? This place seems to be dead! You guys can't let this go, you can't let it die! I mean Akira is a great film and we have some really friendly fans in this fandom, and we should do all in our power to keep that strong. But the Capsule hang out is empty and dead? What's that about, you guys? Not that I'm blaming anybody, I bet you all have lives now, unlike me. Sad little mother fucker on a motorcycle, all alone. I just hope this post re-peaks your interest so I'm not alone in here. It's better to ride with your friends that sit in a dark corner poppin' favours. Ha ha. Anyway, that's all I hope for, that this post will re-peak your interest and this place won't die, and my fellow Capsule'll come back and the hang out will thrive again. You only live once as they say, and who knows I could die in a few years. Hopefully not by bubbly flesh disease, but you get what I'm trying to say. I could die soon, so come on back and hang out and have a fun time, and don't let this place die!

So here's a bit about me. I'm a Tetsuo Shima cosplayer. I'm not too good yet, but I'll get there, and if you all come back, you can watch me grow into the perfect Tetsuo. My sister even does Kaneda. Needless to say I'm a huge geek. And I'm a fairly nice person too. That is unless you get on my bad side, like any Capsule. In fact I'm such a geek I down candy like pills. Usually when I'm cosplaying Tetsuo. Ha ha. I tend to go on these Akira sprees on youtube, and look up all manner of AMVs and spoofs and stuff. So half the time I'll reference something that I think has to relate to Akira, but the people around me have no idea what I'm blabbering about. 80% of the things I say are for my own entertainment anyway. I have a really great, kinda of insane sense of humour. But who in this fandom doesn't have humour like that? Live life with no regrets, they say! I try my hardest not too. I try to live life the very best way I can. I like to go with the flow. I do not tolerate cheating or lying. Lying is the one thing that will tick me off the most. I won't tell you what, who, where, when, or how to be, and I won't tolerate anyone else telling me that, or expecting that. So yeah, I'm an extremely nice, funny, kind, geeky person, unless you get on my bad side. Maybe i'll share photos with you guys.

So how'd I even get into Akira? One of my friends sat me down and made me watch ALL AMV HELLS IN A ROW if you can imagine that. No wait, I don't know if you can. Go to youtube, and sit through all of them, right now. Then you'll understand. Anyway, we did that, and in those AMVs were clips of Akira. I saw clips of Tetsuo and Kaneda's battle, Kaneda at the police station, all the bikes, Tetsuo's dream, and Tetsuo's mutation/ bubbly flesh disease thingy. Now I had no context for any of this, so needless so say the mutation and lucid dreaming peaked my interest, and kept me interested, and wouldn't leave me alone until I saw the film. Out of all those animes only Akira held my interest. I ask my buddy what the fuck was up with the bubbly flesh disease and my buddy said power. Then my buddy must of noted my confused look and asked "what do you think the movie is about?" So I said. "Well, I dunno. But it looks like it's about psychic powers, drugs, weird schizophrenic dreams, bike gangs, and stuff like that. To which my buddy responded. "Yeah, that about sums it up." So that afternoon I went home and watched the sub. I became an instant fan half way through the film. In the middle of it my sister came and said "Oh your watching Akira? I fucking love that film." And I was all "Wait? What? You knew of this amazing awesome epicness and you never told me? Years later I find out? What is this?!" Of course she just laughed at me and gave an 'I Dunno' and we continued to watch the film. There I was, watching the ending thinking, if my sister loves this film it's gotta be some wicked ass shit. And then I watched the second dub and my fate was sealed. I was a fan, I was and still am obsessed, and I'm still convinced that this is the best animated film ever. It really is some wicked ass shit, that I'm totally in love with. I'm sure you all know what I mean and know what I'm talking about. I'm obsessed. Anyway after that I start doing all my research, like listening to Kanye West, M83, watching Chronicle, ogling the action figures, jakets, bikes, etc. And I watched the sub and dub daily for quite a while. I'm back in that faze now. I have no idea how many times I watch it a week. But anyway, I'm a huge geek about it. I'm a true fan. I'm nice. I'm kind. FOR THE LOVE OF TETSUO SOMEONE COME GEEK OUT WITH ME!

Favorite Akira character?: Tetsuo. If I had to pick one, but I'm pretty sure that title is tied with all the capsules. Yeah, ALL. That being Kaneda, Tetsuo, Kai, Yamagata, Tanaka, Kuwata, Jiro, Gendo, and Shinobu.
Favorite wrinkly kid?: Oh well, because Akira isn't all wrinkly, Takashi for sure. I mean they all were Akira's best friends but Takashi has a special place in my heart, and every time I see his brains shot out I cry a bit. 
Dub or sub?: Y'know both work for me. The Japanese sub was the first one I saw and that flits the flaps a shit ton better than either of the dubs, but nobody can deny the voice actors in the second dub. Those are the voices I link with Akira now. Now if only I could track down the first dub.
Have you read the Manga, seen the movie, or both?: All of it dude. I've read the manga, seen the movies, and I've even researched where all these ideas came from. Otomo talked about it once, telling us what other animes and mangas are linked with Akira and I've looking into those. Want to know? Chat with me.
Like any other Anime/Manga?: You know what? Too many to fucking count. But ironically I'm getting out of the whole anime and manga faze. I mean I still geek out over and adore the ones that I'm into, but I don't go looking for new ones or anything. And the only one that still hold those amazing feelings is Akira.

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